15+ Best Voot Web Series to Watch Now [June 2024]

Hey Mates, Today We are sharing the Top 15+ Best Voot Web Series to Binge Watch Right Now.

15+ Best Voot Select Web Series of 2024

Voot is an Indian subscription video-on-demand Ott Platform, owned by Viacom18. Voot Select Offers one of the most engaging types of Web Series which you need to Watch Right Now. 

So without further ado, let’s check out some of the best Voot web shows of this year below.

1- Asur – Welcome to your Dark Side

asur web series voot

Release Date: – 10 April 2020

IMDb Rating: –8.4/10

Category: – Thriller / Mystery / Drama / Crime

Narrative: – Asur is a fascinating web series that deals with a psychopath who thinks of himself as the Kali of Kaliyug & challenges Lord Vishnu to reincarnate as Kalki Avataar. The killer (an unknown) goes on killing people unsystematically who are somehow linked to God (connection yet to be disclosed).

No. of Seasons:- 1

Total Episodes:-  8

Watch Asur Trailer

2- London Files

voot web series london files

Release Date: – 21 April 2022

IMDb Rating: –8.3/10

Category: – Crime / Drama / Action

Narrative: – An extreme investigative cliffhanger that follows the killing investigator Om Singh as he reluctantly takes on an absent person’s case in a politically diverged & criminally rampant London city.

No. of Seasons:- 1

Total Episodes:- 6

Watch London Files Trailer on Youtube

3- The Great Weddings Of Munnes

best voot web series 2023

Release Date: – 4 August 2022

IMDb Rating: –8.3/10

Category: – Comedy / Drama

Narrative: – They say weddings are made in paradise, but so are prognostications! Munnes & his soon-to-be wife Mahi are glimpsing for a bride for him! Only glimpse? Aadmi 1 aur shadiyan anek!

Unite the love birds on their incredible expedition to uncover their cheerfully ever after.

No. of Seasons:- 1

Total Episodes:-  11

Watch The Great Weddings Of Munnes Trailer on Youtube

4- Candy Unwrap the Sin

candy unwrap the sin voot

Release Date: – 7 August 2021

IMDb Rating: –8.3/10

Category: – Thriller

Narrative: – Placed in the frigid winter of the Himalayas, Candy twists around a horrendous murder mystery of a school student which pushes a fretted teacher & a corrupt cop to conceal their discrepancies & chase down the killer.

Unwrap the sin, with oodles of drama & wicked mystifying twistings.

No. of Seasons:- 1

Total Episodes:-  8

Watch Candy Trailer

5- Code 2 Season 2

code m season 2

Release Date: – 5 August 2022

IMDb Rating: –7.6/10

Category: – Romance / Drama

Narrative: – Major experiences on an assignment to grab the mastermind who took out a killing attempt on the Deputy Minister. What emerges to be an empty & shut case gets even more intricate as the unanticipated reality is disclosed!

No. of Seasons:- 2

Total Episodes:-  16

Watch Code M Trailer

6- Ranjish Hi Sahi

ranjish hi sahi voot

Release Date: – 27 February 2022

IMDb Rating: –8.5/10

Category: – Drama / Music / Romance

Narrative: – A well-known movie director gets drawn into an extra-marital affair with a female megastar changing his life; his marriage with his 1st love wrenches as he’s torn between 2 girls. Set in 1960s Bollywood this is the story of Anju, Shankar, & Amna.

No. of Seasons:- 1

Total Episodes:-  8

Watch Ranjish Hi Sahi Trailer

7- Bandon Mein Tha Dum

bandon mein the dum voot select

Release Date: – 7 July 2022

IMDb Rating: –9.0/10

Category: – Documentary / Sport

Narrative: – It is a Cricket Documentary Voot Web Series that revolves around the Trophy Test series of 2020-21 which resulted in India stunningly defeating Australia at their residence turf of Gabba, where they had not lost a single test match in the last 33 years.

No. of Seasons:- 1

Total Episodes:-  5

Watch Bandon Mein Tha Dum Trailer

8- The Gone Game 2

the gone game 2 voot

Release Date: – 29 June 2022

IMDb Rating: – 8/10

Category: – Pandemic / Psychological thriller

Narrative: – The Gone Game Season 2 continues the hunt for Sahil with a big opening twist-Sahil’s wife, the one he framed for his murder is shot dead.

No. of Seasons:- 2

Total Episodes: 9

Watch The Gone Game 2 Trailer

9- Illegal – Justice, Out of Order Season 2

illegal season 2 voot

Release Date: – 16 November 2021

IMDb Rating: –8.1/10

Category: – Crime/ Drama/ Thriller

Narrative: – A lawyer is enmeshed in the dark world of illegal criminal law. 2 cases one is about sexual harassment in the workplace & the other is about the death disservice for women in India. It shows how out of order the justice approach can be.

No. of Seasons:- 2

Total Episodes:-  18

Watch Illegal – Justice, Out of Order Trailer

10- Marzi

marzi a game of lies

Release Date: – 6 June 2020

IMDb Rating: – 7.3/10

Narrative: – Crime / Thriller / Drama

Storyline: – A one-sided love story of Manual who is living an emotionally repressed & financially compose life with her brother & mother dominated by the rich Ifraan.

No. of Seasons:- 1

Total Episodes:-  6

Watch Marzi Trailer

11- Fuh se Fantasy

fuh se fantasy voot

Release Date: – 3 May 2019

IMDb Rating: – 6.3/10

Category: – Romance / Fantasy

Narrative: – The story shows us the pleasure in everyday relationships that dare to dig their most profound & most bizarre desires.

No. of Seasons: – 1

Total Episodes:- 10

Watch Fuh se Fantasy trailer

12- The Raikar Case

the raikar case

Release Date: – 2 August 2020

IMDb Rating: – 7.1/10

Narrative: –  Thriller / Drama

Storyline: – The immature son of a wealthy family is found dead, but the police rule out the case of suicide. When they start examining the family associates, dark secrets start dribbling out.

No. of Seasons: – 1

Total Episodes:- 8

Watch Raikar Case Trailer

13- Time Out (Mini Web Series)

Release Date: – 6 October 2018

IMDb Rating: – 7.3/10

Category: –  Comedy / Drama

Narrative: – Radha & Rahul appear to have it all – a satisfying marriage, a reputable job & a lovely house. But what happens when Radha’s pregnancy report makes Rahul realize that he’s been living the life he’s assumed to & not necessarily the one he likes? Is Radha just collateral harm to Rahul’s early mid-life problem?

No. of Seasons:- 1

Total Episodes:- 6

Watch Time Out trailer

14- Aadha Ishq

aadha ishq

Release Date: – 12 May 2022

IMDb Rating: – 6.2/10

Category: – Romance / Drama

Narrative: – A rugged drama about a volatile yet unfinished love story. Told through the lens of 3 twisted relationships, traversing a decade, 2 cities, & numerous heartbreaks.

No. of Seasons:- 1

Total Episodes:-  10

Watch Aadha Ishq Trailer

15- Crackdown

crackdown voot select originals

Release Date: – 3 November 2020

IMDb Rating: – 7.3/10

Category: – Action / Crime / Drama

Narrative: – A undercover service unit, a demonic terror plot, & few innocent lives on the streak. The top agent & his team lead the command to counteract the enemies. With time running out, can they stop the threat before it destroys them?

No. of Seasons: – 1

Total Episodes:- 7

Watch Crackdown trailer

16- Untag (Mini-Series)

Release Date: – 2 August 2016

IMDb Rating: – 7.6/10

Category: – Drama

Narrative: – Sometimes how you seem is more significant than who you are. But then there are those who don’t care about the tags & carouse about their own flaws.

No. of Seasons:- 1

Total Episodes:- 7

Watch Untag trailer

17- It’s not that simple (Mini-Series)

Release Date: – 4 November 2016

IMDb Rating: – 4.2/10

Category: – Drama

Narrative: – An metropolitan housewife is clung to a dissatisfying marriage until she’s invited to an academy reunion & meets 2 of her ex-boyfriends.

No. of Seasons:- 2

Total Episodes:- 13

Watch It’s not that simple trailer

Final Words

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